Araripe Clothing - Working towards an ethical and sustainable fashion offering

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In this blog we discuss some recently raised issues in the fashion industry and how we go about looking after the environment.

Araripe Clothing - Working towards an ethical and sustainable fashion offering

Due to the recent spotlight on fashion brands and their impact on the environment, we wanted to share our opinions and focus on our ethical principles.

Issues with excess stock

The first of two fashion topics to hit the headlines this year was a well known british brand which were burning unsold stock which had a shocking retail value of £28.6m. This was to prevent their stock “from being stolen or sold cheaply” and effecting their brand value.

How we tackle this issue

When we formed Araripe we decided that we wanted to avoid sales full stop. This stops our brand being devalued by having to sell items at a lower price. The way we go about this is that we don’t hold large amounts of stock (meaning no high quantities of unsold stock). The only negative to us, is that order times can take longer. However, we’re hoping that stories such as the one above highlighting negative aspects of fast fashion can help persuade customers to be patient when ordering.

As we progress as a brand and get a taste of the ordering patterns we can make better judgements about what we need and can improve delivery times.

Issues with throwaway fashion

A recent BBC documentary in which Stacey Dooley investigates fashion, showed that the industry was one of the biggest for pollution. It showed sickening clips of how factories were dumping harmful chemicals into local rivers which children were using to bathe and wash clothes.

We currently live in a society which is greatly influenced by social media, the demand to look good and appear better than others leads to a throwaway culture. This is where cheap fashion is coming in as customers will only wear items a couple of times for fear of being seen in the same outfit again.

Social media influencers need to constantly show different outfits as it’s how they make an income, however this can have a negative impact on younger viewers as they believe they need to do the same.

How we tackle throwaway fashion

Araripe puts a different spin on the way it goes about selling its products to combat some of these points. Firstly we make it out of premium materials rather than the cheapest quality (this should help our products become more durable).

Our products are made in limited quantities and the price increases at certain sales stages. This means if you brought the product early, you can watch the price of your item increase. The psychology of this should help you wear it more often the more valuable it becomes.

Plans for the future

Moving forward we wish to find environmentally friendly manufacturers which can produce our products and packaging in an ethical and environmentally way. Reducing our carbon footprint and setting our brand up for success going forward.


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