Introducing Araripe

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This blog looks at how Araripe was formed, what it stands for and what it's looking to achieve.

Introducing Araripe

A warm welcome to our site

We’re Araripe an new premium men’s clothing brand based in the UK. 

In this post I shall explain how we got here, what we’re looking to achieve and our philosophy.

How we got here…

About 5 years ago I was working for a small startup company based in telecoms. The atmosphere was dull,when ever the Managing Director came in, everyone sat in silence. Days were often long, this however gave me the chance to get my creative juices flowing and look for a way out. One problem I’d spotted in the male fashion marketplace was that too many people wore the same brands of clothes. Your clothes should represent who you are and therefore we need to celebrate being different and individuality.

I decided I wanted to create a fashion brand that’s ‘rare’ meaning the people who wear them are fully committed to the brand. There would be limited quantities of each garment made, hopefully reducing the number of clashes and keeping individuals feeling unique and superior. Not going down the route of selling as many as we can to make more money.

Once we’d thought of the problem and how we want to solve it we then needed a name. One day upon searching rare animals we came across the bird the Araripe Manaquin, which is a rare bird in Brazil. The bird had a striking red mohican which made it a beautiful animal. This ticked the boxes ‘beautiful and rare’ meaning our logo and brand had started to form. 

We visited a website which allowed people to tender for our projects and we put out our thoughts and design information. We were basically hoping that someone would create the vision in our head and get it right first time. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and the logo we got back didn’t feel that special, it was also hard to visualise on products.


Here is where the idea died for a few years. The early momentum had died and it was put on the back burner. Due to job changes and working in more enjoyable environments the idea stayed at the back of my head.

However, about a year ago, my partner gave birth to our first child and this changed things. My daughter was born with congenital cataracts and had an operation on her eyes within the first two weeks of her life. My partner was also born similar and she developed Nystagmus. This means that they both have regular hospital visits and due to working commitments it was a struggle to get the regular time off. This was a motivating factor in getting this company off the ground.

Once again I decided to reach out on the same logo platform, this time with a higher budget and with a greater description on what I wanted. One of the bidders actually created a logo during the bidding stage, mocked it up on a polo shirt and it was absolutely perfect. The vision had returned and straight away I looked around to get some mock ups done. From then on it was sorting the packaging, deciding on the way to go about things, learning to sew, getting the photos done and building the website.

This is where the story has taken us, the next chapter begins now ‘the launch’. Are you going to play a part in it?

What we’re looking to achieve

We’re looking to produce a clothing brand which limits the number of items we produce. This makes them rare as once they’re sold out, we won’t produce any further stock.

The first 250 sales of an item will be at the original price, however the price will increase the rarer the item becomes. There will be different price stages at 750, 500, and 250 remaining.

So if you get in there early, you will be able to potentially grab a t-shirt that may rise in value 3 times.

Whilst this might seem a strange way of doing things, we’d like to reward the early birds and the people who keep an eye on our brand. But also look to attract the people looking to pay more for our brand.

As we limit stock it reduces our revenues, this means that having different profit levels can help us when looking to expand the company.

Our Philosophy

No sales...ever! We believe sales devalue our brand and due to the limited stock we hold, we won’t need to shift goods which have struggled to sell. 

Good things come to those who wait, don’t be put off by delivery times, we’re special. As we grow these times will improve.

Returns - If you pick the wrong size or colour you can pay delivery. If the goods are faulty or we can’t trace then we’ll sort you out. This will cut out the indecisive who cost companies thousands ordering different sizes and colours and then returning ones you don’t want. 

Our recruitment policy focuses around finding people who love what they do, pay them well, don’t overwork them and give them more freedom to be with their families. We plan to try to implement a 4 day week without affecting annual salaries.

Give back to society, if we grow and become a solid business we need to look for opportunities to give back to people who are less fortunate. Not because we want to look good in the eyes of the media, because we are good people who want to help others.

We pay people for either hard work or ability, we don’t discriminate by race, gender or any other bullshit.


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