No sales (reductions), ever!

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We believe sales (reductions) damage the value of the brand and therefore from the off we've decided that we're doing going to do them. We explain more...

No sales (reductions), ever!

To maintain the value of our brand and to make sure we look after our loyal customers, we are going to refrain from offering sales.

Due to the way we operate, we don’t stock large amounts of items, this means we have no worry for underperforming garments. As a result of this, we don’t have to shift anything to make way for new lines.

Whilst this method does impact our costs and delivery times, it means we don’t have have to sell things off or burn things as a recent competitor admitted too.

We also share the frustration of buying items at full price only to find out a couple of weeks later they’ve dropped down massively in price.

Unfortunately, if you’re hanging on in there for a New Year, Black Friday or Summer sales, I’m afraid you’re on the wrong site. So if you’re waiting for the next event, don’t hang on too long. Remember our prices go up based on the amount we sell.


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