Why are Araripe delivery times so long?

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Compared to our competitors our delivery times are a lot longer, in this blog we explain why it take longer and what will happen in the future.

Why does delivery take so long?

A wise man once said “Good things come to those who wait”.

We know our delivery times take a little longer than our competitors within the marketplace, however here at Araripe we go about things in a different way.

Due to the nature of our product and the way we go about selling it (limited quantities of each design) we can’t currently predict future sales. Therefore if we were to order 250 small sizes shirts and only sold 10 we’d be climbing over unused stock creating a serious health and safety risk just to go for a piddle.

“Hey but you could just sell them or give them away” I hear you cry. No! Spreading more T-shirts than our fixed amount cause more people to be wearing them and defeats the object of our brand values. We also don’t wish to burn left over stock like another well know British brand (what a waste).

Let me explain our current process to give you an insight in to why it takes so long.

Our t-shirts need to be embroidered to a quality standard which is something we currently don’t do in house. They then need to be labelled by hand and packaged to perfection. Finally a quality check to make sure everything is done to the highest of standards before sending out in the post.

Delivery times will improve as we grow as we’d be able to hold more stock and make better predictions on demand. At some point in the future we’d be able to have our own embroidery machines and bring production in house.

Until then, be patient, it will be worth it! 


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