Classic Premium T-Shirt Navy

VAT included

A lightweight premium t-shirt available in navy. One of 6 original launch t-shirts the masculine colour of the navy, giving off the look of confidence, authority and success.

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Good things come to those who wait. Once we received your order we then set about getting it created in the size of your choice. After that we hand sew the labels in, getting it packaged to perfection, passed through quality control and then shipped.

As we don’t hold stock this process can take a few weeks until we’re happy everything is close to perfection.


Our philosophy is to only produce 1000 items of each item per country, starting out in the UK. Therefore our product becomes rare and special just like the Araripe Manaquin bird which represents our brand. After we sell the first 250 of each item, the price increases. Therefore the customers who follow our brand will have the opportunity to grab the items at a much cheaper price when they are released.

We don’t do sales, ever! We believe sales devalue our brand and it's so frustrating when you buy something and it’s price drops in a matter of weeks. As we don’t hold large amounts of stock we don’t need to run sales to shift left overs.






To Fit (ins)

S - 36-38

M - 38-40

L - 41-42

XL - 43-44




100% pre-shrunk ring-spun Cotton*