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Cookies (not the tasty ones) are very small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit some websites.

Araripe uses a combination of session cookies and persistent cookies in order to track how you use our website, build anonymous statistical data about how our website is performing, and to help create custom content for you.

Cookies are used for the following:

Google Analytics - Feeds data back about which pages you’ve been on and how you’ve found us to better tailor our marketing efforts.

Facebook Pixel - Allows us to identify Facebook users who are interested in our products and market more effectively to them.

YouTube - Uses cookies to log hits and viewing information such as how long you watched a video.

Customer preference cookies - If you add items to your basket or view products our website will display the relevant information and help to tailor your shopping experience.

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If you wish to contact us about cookies please email us at