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Privacy Policy

We capture browsing details to improve our website and provide a better shopping experience.

Data Protection Officer: Kevin Box

We’ve created this policy to inform you about how we collect data through the website, how we intend to use it and ways in which we go about protecting it. We also mention what rights you have about your information and how you can access it.

This policy applies to any communication you may have with us whether that is through our website, social media channels or emails. 

1.What personal data do we collect?

Depending on how you interact with us and what information you provide us we can obtain the following information:

-Contact details: postal, billing and delivery addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

-Name, age, gender, location and other demographic information

-Shopping behaviour, including orders placed, items added to basket, website paths.

-Information about the device you use and your IP address.

-Social media handles.

2. How do we use the data we collect on you?

We use your personal data for the following:

-Understand our client base and make better advertising experiences to the right people.

-Provide you with your goods and other services.

-To verify your identity

-To give you a better website experience e.g (removing barriers of sale, increasing site speed or improving information to better answer FAQ’s).

-If consented, provide you with email marketing communication.

-To prevent crime and fraud and help out investigations by a public authority or legal dispute.

-To help manage customer service issues.

To better understand our business and what people want to buy.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent after completing an order for any of the above, please contact our webmaster on the contact us page found here.

We may also use marketing platforms to retarget you after visiting our site. This may involve showing you a banner on a completely different website. This works by use of a cookie being placed on your computer and the marketing software automating the display of ads. You can disable cookies at any time, please view our cookie policy.

3. Cookies

Cookies are used to capture information. This can be used to find out about browsing and purchasing behaviour. You can disable cookies at any time, however this might affect your browsing experience, please view our cookie policy.

4. Sharing data with third parties

For Araripe to fulfil orders we will be required to share your data with third parties, this could be for example sharing your address details with our couriers. To comply with our data protection rules we only share (if needed) information to providers who are secure.

Other platforms such as google analytics will use data such as demographics to provide us with information about the types of visitor we’re attracting and if our marketing campaigns are successful. This helps is with our marketing efforts and to grow the company.

We note we will NEVER sell or rent your personal information to other organisations for any other purposes. 

5. Legalities of using your data

Due to rules and regulations, we’re required to notify you about the legalities of using your data.

-To comply with the sales of goods act and carry out our contract with you.

-Legitimate interests to benefit our business such as marketing, promotional communications, understanding customer behaviour, improving services, abiding by laws and legalities and handling customer service issues.

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. Please contact our webmaster on the contact us page found here.

6. How we protect your data

To protect your data we have put in place the following measures:

-SSL Certificate to encrypt data when transferring it over our website server.

-Up to date Virus Software

-Training of staff to spot security risks

-Research and development to prepare for cyber security attacks and data breaches.

7. How long do we keep your personal data

We don’t keep hold of data if we don’t deem it necessary. Different retention periods apply for the different types of information you provide. We also abide by any legal requirements when handling and retaining data.

8. The rights for your personal data 

-the right to be informed

-the right to request access

-the right to ask us to update incorrect data

-the right to object processing of your personal data or to withdraw consent

-the right to delete your personal data (if within legal requirements)

-the right to request the data we hold on you

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent after completing an order for any of the above, please contact our webmaster on the contact us page found here.